The Benefits of a Holiday with Friends

The Benefits of a Holiday with Friends

Jetting away on a travel adventure with your nearest and dearest can be so much fun. Here’s why we like to travel with friends:

Create special memories that last forever

Experiences certainly bring us closer together and help us to learn more about one another. You’ll look back on those special moments fondly throughout the years. 

There are more people to capture special moments

Rotate the camera so that everyone has a chance to capture something they think is special from the holiday. There’s also extra hands to capture those shots like you with your partner, or family, that sometimes get missed when you don’t have an extra pair of hands to take the shot. 

Do things you wouldn’t normally do

Often those in your travelling group have different interests and will be keen to experience tours and do things that you wouldn’t have normally considered. Embrace it! You’ll learn new things and often find something that you enjoy unexpectedly. 

Share good food and drink

When experiencing new types of food and drink on holiday the more people you have, the more you get to order and share. Why enjoy just one dessert when you could share four or more!

It can be cost-effective

Sharing expenses like accommodation, car hire, food & drink can mean the holiday costs less then it would travelling as a single traveller or a couple. 

Make more friends

For some reasons groups of people travelling together often attract even more people to the group. When surrounded by friends people are often more confident and outgoing, and will find it easier to reach out to others and find common interests amongst fellow travellers. 

Love thy neighbour

Did you forget to pack something? Chances are your friend has remembered and how convenient that they are staying nearby. 

Norfolk Island is a fantastic place for groups of friends travelling together. At Poinciana Cottages we welcome small groups of travellers all year round. They chose a Norfolk Island holiday experience because it is unique and interesting, it is only a short trip away (2.5hrs from Sydney or Brisbane), it’s cost-effective, and it’s easy to relax, unwind and enjoy good company. 

Poinciana Cottages can accommodate small groups of up to 15 people. Our boutique self-contained cottages each can take 2-3 guests, and offer great privacy. When you are ready to mingle, the Cottages are all in close proximity to one another and are centred around a fully-equipped Summer Kitchen, where friends can come together to share food and drink, or simply relax together.  Subject to availability we can offer special group travel rates, simply contact us here to discuss your group holiday to Norfolk Island.  As we are a small property we recommend booking early to avoid disappointment.