Things you need to know about norfolk island

Things you need to know about norfolk island

Norfolk Island has its own distinct culture and a strong sense of independence that makes it the kind of place you can really get away from the stress of your life. You can relax in lush surroundings, explore the historical buildings, and dip into the crystal-clear waters that lap the island’s many beaches.

The charming island of Norfolk Island will capture your attention for its long history and breathtaking beauty. Its locals have lived on this tiny island for generations, and many of them are descendants of those famous Bounty Mutineers.

It will be hard for you to imagine as you walk through the trees of the national park or drive down peaceful country roads that this place was once the site of two penal colonies, then as a new home for descendants of the Bounty Mutineers.

While adventure tourism continues to grow, there are activities you can opt for if you want a little excitement, including sea-kayaking, mountain biking, big game fishing and horseback riding.

The subtropical weather is the cherry on top: maximum temperatures range from 16°C in winter to 24°C in summer. This tiny island is a ‘Bounteous Isle’ in many ways, in spite of its small size (a total of 35 square kilometres). There are many things to see and do on Norfolk Island.

NAME: Norfolk Island

CAPITAL: Kingston

TIME ZONE: Current time in Norfolk Island – 10:18 PM – Friday, December 17, 2021 – NFT

CURRENCY: Australian Dollar (AUD)

ELECTRICITY: Current is 230V, 50HZ. 

LANGUAGES: English and Norfuk

BANKING: The Commonwealth Bank is located in the middle Burnt Pine shopping area. Open Monday to Thursday from 9 AM-4 PM and on Fridays 9 AM-5 PM. Westpac Customers can also use the Australia Post for basic transactional purposes. There is one ATM on the island which is located outside of the Commonwealth Bank. The bank can exchange your foreign currency for you. All major credit cards and travellers’ cheques are also widely accepted on the island.

MEDICAL: Norfolk Island Health and Residential Aged Care Service (NIHRACS) is a multi-purpose facility providing medical, dental and aged care services. 

VISAS: If you’re travelling on an NZ Passport, a Visa is not required but you are required to have proof of return or onward ticket. If you intend on staying longer than 30 days a visa will be required.

You won’t find swanky hotels here, nor will you find fast-paced nightlife, but you will find quaint bars, a wide range of accommodation options, and wonderful restaurants. Spend your time exploring the local attractions and unwinding in nature. Enjoy swimming and snorkelling in Emily Bay, tasting wine in Two Chimneys Winery and walking through some of the oldest Georgian houses in the southern hemisphere. Alternatively, you may want to take a fishing trip – you can ask us about local charter boats.

Those who are history buffs know that Norfolk’s first European settlers were convicts who arrived shortly after the first fleet arrived in Sydney. Kingston Arthurs Vale Historic Area (KAHVA) is dotted with historical buildings reminiscent of the shackled loaf-stealers.

As Norfolk measures only eight by five kilometres, it is easy to travel throughout. Public transportation is lacking and there is only one taxi service. Cars and bikes can be rented easily, and we will arrange for a driver to pick you up from the airport and deliver you to your accommodation at Poinciana Cottages.

Don’t miss:

  • Explore one of the best-preserved convict settlements in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Swim in the iconic Emily Bay and snorkel over coral and friendly fish.
  • Explore nature in the National Parks and Botanical Gardens.

How to get there:

Direct flights to Norfolk Island are available from Sydney and Brisbane.