What to pack on your Norfolk Island holiday

What to pack on your Norfolk Island holiday

Knowing what to pack for your visit to a sub-tropical paradise can be difficult. Air New Zealand enforces a generous 23kg baggage limit when you have booked a bag inclusive seat for your flight to Norfolk Island, but you’ll want to limit your baggage on the flight over, and leave plenty of room for duty-free shopping for the flight back.

Here are our recommendations of what to pack on your Norfolk Island holiday.


With so much to see and do, a comfy pair of shoes will be worth the baggage space. With lots of wide open spaces, walking tracks and spectacular viewpoints, a sturdy and comfortable pair of sneakers will have your feet thanking us at the end of a busy day exploring.

A light jacket

Sub-tropical weather can be unpredictable at times, and if you find yourself in a cool breeze, or out and about at night, then we recommend having a light jacket or long-sleeve t-shirt to hand. During the cooler months (May – October) you will want something much more substantial.

A raincoat

Most Norfolk Island accommodation properties will supply umbrellas, but if you are out and about on tours or self-guided adventures, it is always handy to have a little rain poncho or lightweight raincoat if the sky is looking ominous.


Whilst some people swim year-round, most will find that the Norfolk Island water temperatures are most pleasing between November and April. Make sure you bring your swimmers as a dip down in Emily Bay is something that has to be on your to-do list.

Mosquito Repellant 

Norfolk Island is blessed to be free of snakes, and most dangerous spiders, but sadly there is no escaping the mosquitos in the warmer sub-tropical climate. If you are prone to mosquito bites then pack some repellant and apply on dusk, especially if you are enjoying the outdoors at night.


You will not want to miss the magical scenery here on the island. From rugged coastlines, crystal clear waters and abundant rainforests, there is a sight to be seen around every bend. Most will simply bring their mobile phone with a camera, but if you have something a bit more professional then you must definitely pack it. The ever-changing lighting here is a photographers dream.

Sun protection

The Norfolk Island sun can be strong all year round, and even on a cool and overcast day, you may still find yourself sun-kissed. Our temperatures in Summer range from 19 – 28 degrees Celsius, and in winter 12 – 19 degrees Celsius. We recommend some sunscreen and a hat and make sure to take them with you on tours and outings.

If you are unsure about anything else for your visit to Norfolk Island the Norfolk Island Tourist Bureau is a fantastic source of information or guests staying at Poinciana Cottages can contact us at any time for further information.

We look forward to welcoming you to paradise soon.

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