The Norfolk Island Experience: Outdoor activities

The Norfolk Island Experience: Outdoor activities

Measuring just 8km long by 5km wide, covered with lush rolling green hills and surrounded by rocky shorelines, the tiny volcanic outcrop is known as Norfolk Island is located over a thousand kilometres off the shores of Australia, and in many ways, it couldn’t be more different from the mainland. But don’t let the size of Norfolk Island fool you into thinking that there is nothing to do. 

We live by the rhythms of the sea on our island home, and after just a few hours on Norfolk, you will feel the same. As with all new arrivals, you will soon find yourself admiring Emily Bay Lagoon’s crystal-clear waters. 

Eventually, you’ll find yourself paddling out to explore the pristine coral reef nearby. There, surfing enthusiasts glide across perfect breaks. At nearby Slaughter Bay, Kingston Pier is the launching point for diving and fishing adventures, as well as boat trips to nearby Phillip Island, home to marine life and seabirds.

Here’s our list of things to do if you seek a jam-packed outdoor itinerary while visiting us:

Snorkelling And Diving

To enjoy snorkelling on Norfolk Island, it’s as easy as pulling on your mask and snorkel and kicking off from the pristine sands of Emily Bay Lagoon, where shallow, turquoise waters are protected by a thriving coral reef. It’s our top destination for easy, safe and jaw-dropping snorkelling – perfect for introducing the whole family to the underwater world of the South Pacific. 

Neighbouring Slaughter Bay, despite its less-than-appealing name, is equally magnificent. And when you’ve explored the waters of Kingston, set off on a snorkelling adventure at Bumboras or hire a guide and discover secret spots like The Chord and Crystal Pool.

Norfolk Island has been a top diving destination in the South Pacific for many years, but now the secret is out: Norfolk Island has some of the best diving sites in the region. There are dozens of dive sites to choose from, including coral outcrops filled with fish or the Jurassic drop-offs of Phillip Island nearby. 

You can dive year-round in the crystal-clear waters. Over 60 species of marine life live in our waters, plus corals and anemones aplenty.


Norfolk Island fishermen follow the 10 Second Rule; if the fish don’t bite within 10 seconds, move the boat on. Our island is among the richest fishing destinations in temperate waters due to its healthy, teeming waters. Due to the vast marine park, commercial fishing is restricted; we fish sustainably for our residents and visitors, just as we did for our ancestors. It won’t be long before you’re reeling in a lifetime’s catch, whether you prefer angling on land or deep-water fishing.

You’ll find plenty of plump, healthy fish around Norfolk Island if you cast your line anywhere. This area is famous for its bluewater lure fishing. We offer half-day charters to the heart of the South Pacific Ocean escorted by local guides who live and breathe these waters. 

On the days when the seas are choppy, our land-based game angling is second to none. Cast off from the Kingston or Cascade piers, or beaches such as Bumboras Reserve and you’ll soon be reeling in your dinner, and then some!

Nature Walks

If Norfolk Island should be on your bucket list if you like to hike and walk. Our trails are rich in beauty, diversity and history.

Walking around our UNESCO World Heritage Site in Kingston or hiking through Norfolk Island National Park, every step on our island is peppered with breathtaking scenery and incredible stories.

There are 10 well-marked walking trails in Norfolk Island National Park, ranging in lengths and grades to suit every ability. The rainforest is home to some of the world’s tallest tree ferns, coastal tracks with ever-changing sea sounds and summits to view horizons in all their 360-degree glory. 

Nature lovers can explore Norfolk Island’s unique flora while enjoying its best views on the easy trails, boardwalks, and circuits of the Botanical Gardens.

We offer self-guided walks, but if you’d like to learn more, why not join us on a bird-watching tour or breakfast bushwalk? In terms of tours, if you’re looking for a truly wild excursion, book a half-day trip to Phillip Island, a marine and seabird sanctuary that offers breathtaking views back toward Norfolk.


As you read this, you may be of the opinion that a holiday isn’t complete without some golf. Luckily, our island has one of the most beautiful golf courses on the planet. The Norfolk Island golf course offers breath-taking views from every hole, set among our iconic pines and adjacent to Emily Bay in the South Pacific. 

The open-links style of our course goes beyond its good looks. Its gentle, scenic beauty lulls players into false confidence, as locals know better than anyone. This 18-hole course will certainly give you a run for your money with its gusty winds, thick grass, and short, unforgiving greens.

Anyone can sign on and start swinging, no matter if they’re a seasoned pro or a family looking to learn the sport. Our clubhouse, located in the old stipendiary magistrate’s residence, is also open to visitors. So after your game, pull up a seat on the sunny veranda for a well-deserved drink and share your tales of triumph and woe with fellow golf fanatics.

With that all done and dusted, we’ll leave you to it so you can start planning your journey to Norfolk Island. While you’re at it, browse through our website if you are looking for a truly relaxing and immersive hospitality experience at Poinciana Cottages