Christmas & New Year’s On Norfolk Island

Christmas & New Year’s On Norfolk Island


Have you ever dreamt of spending the festive season in a tropical paradise, where you don’t have to lift a finger? You may be winding down from the busy festive season that just was…but why not think ahead to the next one and how you can make it a relaxing 2022 experience.

Take a break from your busy schedule and gather with family and friends to enjoy drinks, local fare, and glorious meals prepared by others. 

Even transportation is not a concern since it’s all within walking distance – and if it’s not, then we organise it for you. Welcome to Poinciana Cottages, situated on magical Norfolk Island.

You can enjoy Norfolk Island holidays with your friends, family, and individuals of all ages in idyllic surroundings, including lush green forests and azure blue waters. 

You can also take your time to spend the festive at the Norfolk Island pace (which is very relaxed) and take part in the following activities:

  • A gathering at the Fish Fry – where the locals cook the fish in their own special batter, served with traditional salads, and deserts.
  • Pinetree Tours Half Day Orientation Tour – Visit Kingston, Cascade, Longridge and much more. See and hear about the famous convict buildings, the renowned Melanesian Chapel, local Government laws and lifestyle.
  • An Island Culture Tour
  • Go Hiking – ​The island has a surprising variety of ecosystems and there are trails that will lead you through each of them. Whether you’re looking for a short walk to a viewpoint or a long strenuous trek for several hours, there’ll be something for you.

For a challenging hike with some of the best views on the island, we recommend taking the Bridle Track from Captain Cook Monument up to the Palm Glen Circuit Track, combining a couple of iconic trails.

There is a great trail that links the two highest points of Norfolk Island – Mount Pitt and Mount Bates. Although there is some uphill, it’s not as bad as you might expect, and you get amazing views over the island.

  • Snorkelling – With pristine water and an abundance of marine life, Norfolk Island is great for snorkelling. Anywhere you can swim, you can snorkel, although a lot of people like to head to Emily Bay because the water is so calm, you’ll get better visibility.

Bring your snorkel and goggles over with you or rent them once you arrive. A lot of the accommodation providers will have them available for free or for a small rental charge.

  • Platters By Paige – If you’re looking for something casual, or perhaps something special, you could also get something from Platters by Paige. This is definitely one way to spend the festive season with friends and family. 

Young local Paige Christian Adams puts together amazing platters of food to eat outside (or inside, I guess) and also lays them out in advance at scenic spots around the island. The way she prepares and decorates everything means it could be a casual picnic or a special event.

The backdrop for everything is the stunning nature, with opportunities for swimming, hiking, fishing, and cycling. There’s also a large range of dining options, including some excellent restaurants using local produce and the best part? It’s all within walking distance from Poinciana Cottages.

We wish you a splendid new year ahead, filled with prosperity and excellent health. If you haven’t joined us for a getaway, add us to your bucket list for later this year. 

We’re beyond excited to show you this extraordinary place we call home.